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John Trudell Archives releases
Follow The Lines.

This collection of lines, a series of 103 short poems, follows John Trudell's journey during his last year before returning to the Star Nation. The lines and subject matter are an intimate, raw and personal expression. Heartfelt portrait illustrations by Trudell's son, Wovoka, are thoughtfully placed throughout the book. We hope you will cherish this glimpse into the journey as much as we have.



Available for preorder July 18th.

Official release August 1st, 2023.

To celebrate this release, we are also offering a bundle of Living in Reality and The Journey Home.
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John Trudell is featured in Bob Dylan’s latest book “The Philosophy of Modern Song”.

The book contains commentary by Dylan on 66 songs by other artists. John's song “Doesn’t Hurt Anymore” (from the album Bone Days) is written about in Chapter 40 of the book.

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Bone Days (2001)

John Trudell 

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In celebration of John Trudell’s 75th year, John Trudell Archives announces the re-print of LIVING IN REALITY: Songs Called Poems.

This book of lines was originally released in 1982. It has been out of print for many years.

“Dedicated to the ones who went before . . . “

Thank you for celebrating love and life and supporting the John Trudell Archives.



John Trudell Archives & Inside Recordings Re-release The Critically Acclaimed John Trudell – Aka Grafitti Man  On 180-gram Vinyl And CD

John Trudell Archives and Inside Recordings announce a re-issue of the critically acclaimed John Trudell release AKA Grafitti Man on 180-gram vinyl and CD, following the successful Record Store Day limited edition release.

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